Prince Edward Island Waterfalls

Being a visitor of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick waterfalls, I’ve asked myself, why doesn’t PEI have waterfalls? It has similar elevation drops as other waterfalls in the Maritimes so it certainly could.
Mind you, if you are expecting something the size of Niagara Falls or Grand Falls, then no, we don’t have those gigantic waterfalls. But we do have some, what I call, PEI sized waterfalls.

Howard’s Cove

A friend came up to me one time I was at Eastlink Centre and went, “you liar!”. I said “what’s wrong?” to which he replied, “I drove all the way up to Howard’s Cove to find that waterfall you talked about on your vlog/blog and didn’t find it. I even talked to a local fisherman who fished at the Howard’s Cove wharf for umpteen years and he knew nothing about it.”

I asked, “did you go to Howard’s Cove?” and he responded “of course”. I furthered with, “did you see the lighthouse?” and he informed me that he did. I then told him he was standing within 100 feet of it.

I’ve driven down to the Howard’s Cove wharf numerous times however I never stopped to look on the other side of the rocks. On the other side of the rocky embankment, down a steep slope is a nice gorgeous waterfall.

Howard’s Cove Waterfall. Do not use without permission. No exceptions.

Hughey Joseph Road

The Hughey Joseph Road is home to a beautiful “waterfall”. I add “waterfall” in quotes because the single point water drop isn’t anything to talk about. It’s rather small, similar to Campbell’s Pond. However, from top of this set of drops to the bottom is probably 30 feet. So I’ve added it to my PEI Waterfalls list.

Campbell’s Road/Bells Pond Waterfall

A short distance away from Hunter River is Campbell’s Road or Bells Pond Waterfall. This waterfall is well known by local photographers and is probably the least exciting of all the waterfalls. It is rather small in total distance from top to bottom as well as the drops. None the less, here is Campbell’s Road/Bells Pond Waterfall.

Hello world.

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