“John’s Mall”

One of my friends youngest calls the Confederation Court Mall, “John’s mall”. He says it because he loves looking at my photos when he goes thru the mall. Although the youngster says it, the Confederation Court Mall is in no way mine.

A couple of years ago, the owner, Richard Homburg had an idea. What if instead of wall space we put up my photos in the mall to brighten it up. Bring the magic of PEI to inside the mall.

This was at the same time that selfie’s were becoming popular.

It allowed people visiting the mall in the winter, to get a feel of Prince Edward Island in the summer. It also brought elements from around the province to the mall.

Our initial conversations identified I wasn’t thinking big enough, I sent him a picture of one of my canvas’ in front of the walls.

The first one we did was of a lobster trap. This scene is probably the most amazing and yet hidden gem on PEI. And there might be a huge mansion next to it too! The print is located next to the PEI Co. Store (which also sells my books & calendars).

You can see the transformation below. The pic on the right is clearly before the install and on the left is after.

Close by to it is a photo of French River, Prince Edward Island. As you can see, the size of these wall murals is rather large. I am 6’1″ …

One of Richard’s favourite images of mine is of a fox. It is also the cover image of a new book on Richard,

“Might see something you don’t -50 years of Homburg International”.

My favorite as we as the largest is upstairs by the antique store. It’s the biggest one and features West Point Lighthouse.

Of course, a fan favorite is of the Confederation Bridge. It is definitely one of my more popular photographs featuring the entire bridge.

One of the last ones we did was of Wood Islands Lighthouse. This photo was one of my most popular photos when I was starting out. It’s also near to where my mom was raised.

A big thank you goes out to Kwik Kopy. They did the printing and installation.

Hello world.

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