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The Best Spots To Visit On Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton is always a gorgeous destination. In the fall, the colours of the leaves change and the majestic beauty comes out in full stride. Photographers from far and wide flock to the Island. I always visit in the fall as I love the magnificent beauty. In 2021, I started in Quebec City and followed Read More

Montreal Canadiens vs Ottawa Senators in Boctouche, NB

After a quick stop over in Charlottetown to pick up some additional gear, mostly my Sony A9 ii, I was back on the road heading to Bouctouche to cover the second NHL game taking place in Atlantic Canada in as many days. Bouchtouche, New Brunswick is thankfully a short two hourish drive from Charlottetown. I Read More

Montreal Canadiens vs Ottawa Senators in Gander, Newfoundland

After covering the Stanley Cup in Twillingate, my next task was to cover the Ottawa Senators vs Montreal Canadiens game in Gander, Newfoundland & Labrador. While Twillingate won the Kraft Hockeyville, Gander was a bigger nearby centre which could accommodate more people. So off I went… After security completed a semi-awkward clearance of my camera Read More

Stanley Cup in Twillingate, Newfoundland

I wrapped up my Hurricane Fiona coverage and from here had a week left on my landscape photography trip to Newfoundland. It was to conclude in Gander where I would be covering the Montreal Canadiens vs the Ottawa Senators in a pre-season NHL game by Kraft Hockeyville. In those 6 days, I traveled Western Newfoundland Read More

Globe & Mail: Hurricane Fiona

On my last or second last day, one of the photo editors from the Globe & Mail called. She asked if I’d stay and do a few more images for an upcoming Saturday edition of the Globe and Mail. Greg Mercer was coming flying in and I’d be teamed up with Greg. I said sure Read More

Hurricane Fiona Aftermath

On September 27th, I woke up early. It was foggy out and I wanted to re-capture some of the destruction Hurricane Fiona left in Port aux Basques with the eerie fog. As time went on, more people came visible walking the streets. Wanting to help out. City staff was ensuring everyone was fed meanwhile those Read More

Covering Hurricane Fiona

I had been in Newfoundland, doing landscape photos for an upcoming landscape book I am working on. My trip was to conclude on October 7th as I had to be in New Brunswick to cover the Montreal Canadiens on October 8th. I was to cover the Montreal Canadiens vs Ottawa Senators game on October 6th Read More

St. John’s Active Criminal Threat

After spending some time discussing upcoming Hurricane Fiona with Reuters, a notice came in about a criminal threat in St. John’s, Newfoundland. I had been in Newfoundland for about 10ish days already, covering the Avalon peninsula. Travelling around the county side taking landscape photos of the beautiful sights of Newfoundland. (p.s. in case you haven’t Read More

Hurricane Fiona: Cover Photos

I received an email from one of my editors that works at a large national publication, “..I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are safe. And hope your homes are okay too.” It was very touching. The individual reached out expressing concern during the worst storm Atlantic Canada had seen and along with it Read More

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