COVID19 Childrens Book

Hello parents,

I am looking to publish a book on what the children did during COVID19. I am hoping to capture stories from children including their thoughts, their feelings and what they did. I am looking for any and all submissions. The ideal (not required) length would be 5-8 paragraphs. I’d be looking for these entries by May 9th.

The book will be published in the coming weeks and will be sold in stores as well as online. Remittance to the children who are featured will include 1 copy of the book. I will also draw for a Family Package to Shining Waters Family Fun Park!

Successful submissions into the book will feature the child’s name, the child’s age, parent’s name and their community. No photos are required to be submitted. I will utilize photo’s I have taken and combine them with the stories. If they have a drawing they would like to submit, please contact me.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me using this specific page. If you are looking to make a submission, please do so using the form below.

p.s. A donation from the proceeds will be going to a couple of children’s non-profit organizations 🙂 Know of one you’d like to suggest? Send me a message!

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