Trains of the Western Canada

A common theme on this trip has been capturing photographs of the trains traveling around Alberta and British Columbia, also known as rail fanning. Being honest, this is one of my last resorts to photograph when the weather isn’t co-operating.

A Canadian Pacific awaits infront of South Ghost Peak & Mt. Townsend (Alberta).
A train enters the rail yard in Field, British Columbia
A train is given the green light to proceed in Field, British Columbia.
A second train awaits a green light in Field, British Columbia after the first one left.
A train passing thru Morant’s Curve in Alberta.
A train about to pass thru Morant’s Curve in Alberta.
A train heading towards Banff thru Morant’s Cuve.
A train heads by Mount Stephen in British Columbia.
A freight train passes thru Stephen, British Columbia.
Canadian Pacific 8787 freight train about to head into Morant’s Curve in Alberta.
Canadian Pacific 8005 Freight Train after crossing the border into British Columbia
Canadian Pacific 8005 passes in front of Mount Denis in Field, British Columbia.
Canadian Pacific 9374 freight train passes in front of Mt Saint Piran in Alberta
A train pulling empty freight cars thru Morant’s Curve in Alberta.
A freight train passes behind me đŸ™‚

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