Skinners Pond Winter Carnival

On weekend past, I was uber excited. We were going to be heading up to capture some photos of a horse sleigh ride. This excited me as I love sleigh rides. Something about the cold….snow….going through the woods. Romantic yes. Peaceful yes. Magical also yes. However, when we arrived, a bigger surprise was waiting.

There were horses and sleighs everywhere. Not just 1 but a LOT. Sleighs flying by everywhere. Horses prancing around. It was a family reunion of sorts or the Skinners Pond Festival.

Within probably 2-3 minutes of arriving, we were also being ushered into a sleigh. “Find a sleigh and jump in” we were told. Totally unexpected, but I was stoked.

There were lots of starting and stopping again. It was great! It gave us a chance to be up close and personal with the horses or horse. Especially one in particular.

And by personal….well, this guy was rather close.

But not for long as all of a sudden we’d be going again. And into the woods, we went.

But since this was a poker run, we had to stop along the way to get cards.

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